Our heritage began with a king. When Shaka settled in the foothills of what would become uMfolozi, he brought with him a culture of conservation, of hunting only what one needs, long before the term was coined in any language. While Shaka may have revolutionised how man interacts with the wild, he could not have fathomed the impact that his outlook would have on conservationists to come. It is from this reverence for nature that we track our history of balance; our Heritage of Harmony.

uMfolozi’s Heritage is three-fold: past, present and future.

Our past is a testament to the culture of conservation fostered within Hluhluwe, not only by ancient kings but of more recent years as well. The tireless efforts of Dr Ian Player to protect the white rhino species from extinction is just one of uMfolozi’s conservation victories. His innovative conservation model inspired a culture of eco-tourism, ensuring that uMfolozi remains at the forefront of eco-tourism but still planted firmly in the undisturbed wilderness.

Flash forward to present day and our Heritage is something that we share with travellers from far and wide. It is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to Get Closer to the real Stars, the giants of the wild. It is knowing that we can offer our guests true Harmony – with nature, and with their own busy lives. Our Heritage is currently protected by Chief Mthembu and the rest of the uMfolozi Big 5, who will ensure that their successors are well-equipped to continue their vision.

Looking to the future, Our Heritage has come full circle. The foresight of the uMfolozi Big 5 will ensure that the reserve continues to be a haven for nature conservation. It will also ensure a prosperous future for uMfolozi’s people through job creation and skills development. But above all, their forward-thinking will allow our Heritage of Harmony to flourish.