The artwork is of an artist expression of how it would make one ‘’feel’’ to be this close to animals in the wild. It is intended to evoke and simulate the excitement and harmony experienced when in the presence (close up or from a distance) of the majestic “Stars” of the wild. In no way does uMfolozi Big 5 Game Reserve, its affiliates or the Mantis Collection through the depiction of this artwork imply or promise that guests will get in such close proximity of any wildlife found on the reserve. Though we hope that such opportunities would present themselves as and when nature allows, uMfolozi Big 5 Game Reserve does not practice reckless tourism that compromises the safety of their guests or exploit the wildlife. uMfolozi Big 5 Game Reserve wishes to offer its guests the opportunity to experience this excitement and harmony for themselves, a reminder of one’s small place in the grand scheme of things, in nature and its delicate balance.